"Oh? Here I thought I got your grumpy expression down pat." He indicated the stick he had used for the snow boogeyman to have a frowning expression. Jack tapped his chin, not at all minding Pitch’s presence. If Pitch made a motion to attack, then he’d handle it. Other than that he wasn’t about to lash out at the male for just standing around."I know!" He ran off, returning with a larger twig which he snapped in two. Jack placed the pieces over snow-Pitch’s eyes at a downward angle. "There."


Pitch let out a long sufferable sigh. Seems like he came across a parallel of Jack Frost’s and this one was just as insufferable. Pitch narrowed his eyes at the snowman, using a shadow to fix the face so it’s nose wasn’t so off.

"I was talking about the nose. Although, my surly demeanor isn’t that dreadful. I doubt I look that ugly." He scrunched up his nose in distaste, rolling his eyes.


"I think I got you pegged pretty well." He cheekily retorted. Jack floated around his masterpiece. "I mean, if you wanna think it looks bad that’s on you. But I think it looks pretty good." With a flick of his staff the snow sculpture solidified into ice. Oh he was quite proud of that trick, that display of winter magic. 

Jack glanced over at Pitch to see if the male was just as impressed as Jack was with himself. For a grown man the Guardian had a knack for being very childish.

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» You see my character at the cemetery, placing flowers on an unmarked grave. What do you do?
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» Cheers to New Friends


The male brightened at the prospect of something new. He’d grown so accustomed to drinking whate”ver he could find. Since the attack on Easter though, North had been kind enough to fill his flask whenever he visited. “That sounds amazing.” He couldn’t keep himself on the ground in his glee. However he quickly noticed that he was floating and settled himself. “I haven’t really had the opportunity to make friends in my life so thanks, Aster. This— This really means a lot to me.” 

He put a hand on the Pooka’s shoulder. To be accepted like this was unusually pleasant and filled him up with a sense of joy. Leaning in, the male smirked. “Plus, if we start to get along really well, maybe we can plot some pranks of our own.” 

He did owe the Yetis for keeping him out of North’s shop for so long.

   Large ears pricked and leaned forward at the word pranks. As moody as the others took him to be he was actually a lover of fun things as well - pranks and sillly jokes prime among them. Sometimes (most times) they (mostly North) could use a good reminder of that. 


           ”Ah’m likin’ where this might go, mate. Always up for a bit of a laugh on the old bandit.” A large paw descended upon Jack’s shoulders, clapping hard and hearty. “Before I show ya mah stash I got one question for ya - what’s ya favorite fruit?”

"Fruit?" He blinked. "I haven’t had a lot of experience eating fruit." It was hard to come by while he was handling his daughter. Any fresh fruits he managed to obtain were treats for her. 

"I suppose I like apples." Jack scratched his chin. Yes… he liked apples. Before she passed on, mom would bring home some now and then. The sweetness of a red apple made him quite happy indeed. A small smile crossed his features at the fond memory.

"I’m honestly good with anything, Bunny." Settling himself down he set his crook beside him.

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"And you are…"

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♫🎶♫🎶♫"Hit the road Jack, And don't you come back no more No More NO MORE no more, hit the road Jack, and don't you come back no moo ore~"♫🎶♫🎶♫ XD

"Been a long time since I heard that song." He hummed. "It was pretty catchy."

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» Headcanon K

Yes. Unlike his younger counterparts, Jack remembers dying and exactly what he died for. He wasn’t a child so there were no memories to forget. He had his daughter as a fully grown man.

Unfortunately locating her was difficult. When he finally did find her she was terribly unhappy. 

Jack has felt a gnawing guilt over this for the past 300 years. He fears that Emma never forgave him for what he did, for not fighting harder to remain at her side. He’s since avoided the lake where he drowned and opted to explore the world.

Now and then he stops in to visit Burgess, more notably the graveyard where his daughter was buried. His wife has an unmarked grave in the forest. Though lately developers have been cutting down the forest for additional housing. Oddly enough they find their machines breaking down whenever they press too far ahead.

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// Quick sketch and lazy colours. Just trying to figure out a palette for FearlingDevil’s Pitch.

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» Send ⌖ for the first 3 emotions my character feels when seeing or thinking of yours.

Jack is flirting with Sera

he has no idea

that she has the most terrifying guard dog

in the universe

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"If you need help with a kid, you can just ask me. I did raise a daughter all on my own. I know a thing or two about preparing food. Just… keep the fire far away.”

She puffs her cheeks as she works on her fire pit, and melding a clump of iron flat as if it were dough. “Ah… well I’m a bit rusty when it comes to preparing food, my father has the little one though.” She rubbed her arm and scrunched her face up. “If you don’t mind helping with the cooking… neither of us are the best chefs or greatly knowledgeable…anymore.”

He eyed the fire pit warily, tugging his staff closer as he put distance between himself and the potential source of heat. “I can prepare most anything you might need.” He’d gotten well enough with his abilities to not freeze anything he touched, but just incase he pulled out a pair of gloves North had given him.

"So what does the little one want?"

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