♫🎶♫🎶♫"Hit the road Jack, And don't you come back no more No More NO MORE no more, hit the road Jack, and don't you come back no moo ore~"♫🎶♫🎶♫ XD

"Been a long time since I heard that song." He hummed. "It was pretty catchy."

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Yes. Unlike his younger counterparts, Jack remembers dying and exactly what he died for. He wasn’t a child so there were no memories to forget. He had his daughter as a fully grown man.

Unfortunately locating her was difficult. When he finally did find her she was terribly unhappy. 

Jack has felt a gnawing guilt over this for the past 300 years. He fears that Emma never forgave him for what he did, for not fighting harder to remain at her side. He’s since avoided the lake where he drowned and opted to explore the world.

Now and then he stops in to visit Burgess, more notably the graveyard where his daughter was buried. His wife has an unmarked grave in the forest. Though lately developers have been cutting down the forest for additional housing. Oddly enough they find their machines breaking down whenever they press too far ahead.

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// Quick sketch and lazy colours. Just trying to figure out a palette for FearlingDevil’s Pitch.

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Jack is flirting with Sera

he has no idea

that she has the most terrifying guard dog

in the universe

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"If you need help with a kid, you can just ask me. I did raise a daughter all on my own. I know a thing or two about preparing food. Just… keep the fire far away.”

She puffs her cheeks as she works on her fire pit, and melding a clump of iron flat as if it were dough. “Ah… well I’m a bit rusty when it comes to preparing food, my father has the little one though.” She rubbed her arm and scrunched her face up. “If you don’t mind helping with the cooking… neither of us are the best chefs or greatly knowledgeable…anymore.”

He eyed the fire pit warily, tugging his staff closer as he put distance between himself and the potential source of heat. “I can prepare most anything you might need.” He’d gotten well enough with his abilities to not freeze anything he touched, but just incase he pulled out a pair of gloves North had given him.

"So what does the little one want?"

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"If you need help with a kid, you can just ask me. I did raise a daughter all on my own. I know a thing or two about preparing food. Just… keep the fire far away.”

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Staying waaaaaaaaaaaay over here away from the man plucking off chicken legs.

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  • Who is more organized:
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  • Who suggested kids first:
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Brown eyes followed the gentleman to where he perched, and she smiled at him. 

Yes, I can hear you." She turned, watching the frost as it prickled over Mr. Glacid’s mailbox. "I can actually hear you better than see you, Mr. Frost.” 

She hoped that was his name- He reacted to it before, but you never knew with spirits. Tricky things, sometimes playful, other times malicious. Granted, Jamie had been blathering on about a gentleman who matched this man’s description. Of course- he was older than she thought- Jack frost usually conjured images of a playful boy-spirit, not much older than her son. Not this figure in front of her- he seemed more like Old Man Winter…. Well… Then again- folklore had changed. Older myths made the two one and the same. 

And if it’s one thing she knew, it was that all myths had a grain of truth in them; Some had a full bushel of truth. 

                                 ”What brings you to Burgess, Mr. Frost?”

"Well this certainly is new." He hummed, settling himself before her. It seemed she really couldn’t see him as well as she could hear his voice. So he strolled around her, leaving a trail of frost in his wake so she could follow him with her eyes.

"I’m here to keep an eye on the kids, of course. In particular your son. He  was my first believer after all.” Jack crouched down, inspecting a fire hydrant before letting his frost curl about the metal. 

"He reminds me of someone I knew a long time ago. So I guess in a way he’s got his own personal guardian."

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